Keystone XL Pipeline

Keystone XL Facts

Click here for a more detailed map of the Keystone XL Pipeline route in Texas.

Understand that the 485-mile southern leg of the Keystone XL pipeline — from Cushing, Oklahoma to refineries on the Texas Gulf Coast — did not require presidential approval.

Texas Pipeline Watch is not here to debate any of the arguments that folks across our country are having about fossil fuels, climate change or any number of reasons there’s been such opposition to the Keystone XL. Our point is that Texans and others are largely unaware about the no less than three pipelines carrying diluted bitumen (aka tar sands or “dilbit”). Pipeline companies, some foreign-owned, have been given the blank check of eminent domain authority by a corrupted process that the Texas Railroad Commission has refused to reform much less even seriously address. These companies are under no obligation to tell citizens what they’re carrying through those lines.

Dilbit is not only highly toxic but explosive at a low flash point even by the spark of a tool.  Towns, and their voluntary fire departments along the routes of these three lines, are in no way prepared for what could come from a breach of these pipelines.  What’s more, Texans cannot afford any contamination of groundwater as we face an increasing water availability crisis in the midst of historic drought.  All three lines cross the great Carrizo-Wilcox aquifer and hundreds of waterways and reservoirs.

Keystone XL will be up and running sometime in 2014. This pipeline, combined with the Pegasus (temporarily shut down due to the spill in Mayflower, Arkansas on March 29, 2013) and the in-process twinning of the existing Seaway pipeline (all carrying diluted bitumen), is why Texas Pipeline Watch came into existence.

This letter was sent by Independent Texans to Texas Lt. Governor David Dewhurst and Speaker of the Texas House, Joe Straus, urging an interim study and public hearings on eminent domain abuse, pipeline safety and protection of Texas water ways related to these three lines. Dewhurst has indicated he was “very busy” and there has, so far, been no response from the Speaker:  click here to read that letter.

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